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Who are your heroes?

Who are your heroes?

At Stellar Labs our mission is to help fill the skills gaps in technology with highly effective, evidence based training.  But what does that mean?

You may already have some heroes at work.  And you probably recognise that your best colleagues are the ones that seamlessly blend both technical and people skills to juggle the complex and ever changing business of work.  And that’s what we want you to discover in our blog; the perfect mix of technology and people skills.

Our podcasts start with a conversation with Ger Driesen, who is an expert in learning and works for a learning technology company, so he instantly brings both fields together. Listen to him talk about his learning heroes and how he thinks the future of learning will evolve.

One of our technology heroes is Chris Novak. He’s among the world’s best known speakers on cyber security and we’re honoured to say that he’s on the advisory board for our cyber security programme.  Look out for the 2nd podcast with Chris and then more from other experts in your field.

If you’re keen to find out more about yourself we’ll also introduce you to aspects of your brain to help you maximise your potential. All our resources will be designed to build your success and help you and your colleagues become heroes at work.

By reading our blog regularly, listening into our podcasts and downloading our whitepapers you’ll find out why training is so vital for future proofing your career and building success for all our futures.

A first look at our methodology and how we want to change the world of training can be seen in the following video.

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