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Stella has a passion for driving performance through evidence based learning, with a creative twist. Stella has very practical tips on the matter and like to share these with you. We have been using them here at Stellar Labs since the beginning. You can learn about the tips in the following video.


An overview of the Mnemonic can be found below:

  • L – Link to what people already know so that you are using established neural networks to build new learning
  • E – Emotions make things stickier because we remember what’s important to us – keeps us safe
  • A – Anchors – create a physical or metaphorical connection between the learning and something you see/ hear/ do / feel regularly
  • R – Repetition – strengthens neural pathways
  • N – novelty or new things draw our attention – they may want to eat us or be delicious – attention is the key to memory
  • E – exercise – has been shown to make us better able to learn
  • R – Recovery – your brain needs time to recover – neurons need time between firing, your brain needs time to sleep to replace energy and start to change short term memories into long term
  • S – Stories use all the above techniques so are a great way to make learning stickier