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How we learn best

Original article from the Leading People Podcast: Leading People Season 1 – Episode 13

The Learning Organisation expert, Peter Senge, once wrote: Taking in information is only distantly related to real learning. It would be nonsensical to say, “I just read a great book about bicycle riding—I’ve now learned that.”

In order to design and deliver effective learning and development initiatives, it’s essential to understand how our brains process and retain information. During our conversation, Stella provides insights into how our brains learn best and tips on how to improve our ability to retain and apply our learning.

Whether you work in HR, as a Trainer/Coach/Consultant or you’re a Leader in an organisation what Stella has to say is relevant, timely and important.

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We have to admit there are some challenges with the sound quality. But Gerry Murray, host of the Leading People podcast said ‘In the end, as the content was so good and we’ve all learned to live with internet-based conversations, I decided to publish it.‘