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How to train remote workers

When it comes to engaging learners in online training and how to train remote workers, Stella Collins has the tried and trusted tips you need.

As we are all discovering
, remote working is the new normal. And while it’s important to equip your workforce with the right technology, the bigger challenge is helping them reach their usual productivity levels now they are away from the office. 

A pressing concern, particularly in light of recent survey results that show 7 in 10 remote workers need more training from their companies

In response, TalentLMS asked the most influential learning and development experts worldwide to reveal their winning strategies for training remote workers. Naturally, our own Stella Collins was asked for her insights. 

Stella applies principles from neuroscience and psychology to create practical solutions that help people to learn better, and remember longer. And as she regularly designs and delivers virtual training, she knows what it takes to make online courses more engaging and how to train remote workers.

 ‘Talk’ to your learning audience as if you’re together

  • Whether you’re live or recording online content, there are people at the other end of the connection, and their brains need to work to learn.  
  • Imagine your audience and ‘talk’ to them as if you’re together. 
  • If you don’t know them, create a persona and believe in it. Have a personal conversation and see the world through their eyes. 
  • Talk in terms of ‘you’ rather than ‘I’ or ‘we’, and use rich, sensory language to paint a picture.  

Encourage guessing before you tell, because it improves memory

  • Imagine and address their motivations, provide the big picture before diving into detail. 
  • Encourage participation early and regularly, and promote contribution and collaboration. 
  • Link to what people already know and encourage guessing before you tell, because it improves memory. 
  • Incorporate practise, feedback and testing.  
  • Create deductive questions so people have to work out the answer. 
  • Build in spaced repetition rather than one-off activities.

Strategies for now and the future

The physical world may have hit the pause button, but the digital world is on fast-forward. Stella’s actionable advice is exactly what L&D professionals need right now to train remote workers. 

Stellar Labs is building a full, brain friendly programme dedicated to remote and online training

And to help companies not only keep up, but thrive in the months and years ahead, Stellar Labs is building a full, brain friendly programme dedicated to remote and online training. The complete range of courses will be available soon. 

In the meantime, get a head start with the Conscious Learning Programme – interactive, engaging, neuroscience-based training to equip talent with the skills, tools and techniques to adapt and learn faster, forever. 

With the Conscious Learning Programme, you can learn to: 

  • Adapt quicker to rapidly changing contexts.
  • Absorb and process information faster.
  • Acquire transferable skills.
  • Choose the best learning strategies for your situation.
  • Change habits more easily.
  • Harness your brain’s natural learning abilities.

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