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What does it mean to future-proof your career?

What will your job look like 10 years from now? The truth is, the role you’re doing today may not even exist in 10 years time. So now’s the time to future-proof your career and acquire the skills that will make you resilient to the challenges the future has in store for you and the working world. 

The 4th industrial revolution is looming, and many jobs will be replaced or significantly altered by technology. As such, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and resilience are becoming more and more important. So, how do you ensure you’re ready for what’s to come? The answer is simple. Join the learning revolution and future-proof your career now.


Why should I future-proof my career?

Industry 4.0 can be summarised as a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Put simply, it’s how technology is changing the way we live, work and behave. We know technology will replace humans when it comes to the more simple, administrative tasks, and will help people make smarter decisions more quickly in other areas. 

So what will you do if a robot takes over your job? It might sound a bit sci-fi movie-esque, but it’s entirely possible. This isn’t the biggest problem that’s coming with Industry 4.0, it’s the technological advancements that are uncovering new jobs which require specific types of talent that don’t yet exist. Additionally, to future-proof your career, you must arm yourself with highly transferable skills so you stand out from the crowd. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to suddenly drop everything and embark on every online course you can find about developing power skills. It means purposefully examining your skillset, learning how to learn, and developing the personal resilience to overcome any challenges the future of the workplace may throw at you. 

Developing learning agility is one of the most important skills for a future-proofed career because it shows you how to effectively cope with change. It’s partially about taking your experiences, reflecting on them and using them to make sense of the current situation. In simple terms: it’s learning how to learn. Having this skill in your armour will make you resilient to the changes industry 4.0 will send your way – and thus, future-proofing your career. 


How can I future-proof my career?

The next ten years will see fundamental changes to our working world, and you will need to develop new skills, or polish your existing ones to ensure success. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital revolution, so it’s important to act fast. Developing your own learning agility, and embarking on training programmes that allow you to learn, practice and apply your knowledge is the way forward.

However, there is no point undertaking course after course, if you do not retain and apply any of your learning. You want to spend your time – and money – wisely, and you want to make sure the skills you learn will help you long into the future. To do that and future-proof your career  you need to learn these new skills from programmes that are underpinned by the science of learning. Brain-friendly learning emphasises engagement, application and mastery. All our programmes are designed for long-term impact, ensuring the skills we help you develop stay with you – for your whole career.